Please help support the family of Capt. David Mains

Capt David Mains

It was with a heavy heart that I read news of the passing June 25th of Raymond, Maine FD Captain David Mains. I didn’t know David really well, but I would see him and his wife, Jen, at Raymond Rec Soccer games where our kids played together.

A tragedy like this leaves one realizing that they don’t have the words to convey the depth of sorrow. All we can do is pray and hug our own loved ones a little tighter, realizing how precious life is.

We here at Norris have a special place in our hearts for the heroes who put their lives on the line every day to keep us safe—police, sheriffs, fire fighters, EMTs—the first responders whom we all perhaps sometimes take for granted. Please, don’t take them for granted today. Let a policeman, firefighter, EMT or other first responder know you appreciate them and all they do.

Norris has decided to contribute to the fundraiser for the Mains family going on over at Facebook. If you have the ability to give, please do.

From the Raymond FD Facebook page:

It is with the deepest sorrow we notify our members and community of a terrible loss in our family. Captain David Mains has passed away from injuries sustained in a crash in Massachusetts. Jen Mains is injured and expected to recover in the Massachusetts hospital.

Captain Mains was a dedicated member who loved his family, community and this department. He will be sorely missed and will leave a large void in our family and organization which will not be filled without unmatched extraordinary efforts, pride, and dedication which Captain Mains put forth every day. Captain Mains has been honored as firefighter of the year, awarded many community service awards, and honored with the Chiefs award.

We will provide details of Captain Mains services as we can.

I want to ask each of you to keep thoughts and prayers in your hearts, reach out to David and Jen’s family and give them all a hug, support, and offer assistance as they will need these things as the grieving the great loss will take a great time to heal.

Thank you.