Top 5 Reasons Your Business Should Have Video Surveillance

There are a number of compelling reasons to have a video surveillance in your organization. Norris has talked with you before about the importance of life-safety and security systems including fire , intrusion detection, access control, emergency notification and, of course, surveillance.

The following 5 reasons to have a well-designed surveillance system at your location are from Facility Executive Magazine:

Evidence gathering for liability protection: A well-designed surveillance system has “the ability to record both high-quality video and clear audio,” reads the Facility Executive article. It’s important to note that some municipalities do have ordinances making it illegal to record sound. Armed with video evidence, facility managers can protect their facilities from potential liability.

Surveillance systems create an audit trail: Past footage, digitally stored and easily retrieved, can confirm what occurred on a specific day, at a specific time. When faced with questions regarding an incident, facility managers can utilize video records to prove what truly occurred on a specific day.

Surveillance systems offer the convenience of real-time monitoring: Real-time, remote video monitoring can be extremely useful to a facility. From any location, security personnel can use cameras to continuously monitor facility grounds.

Surveillance systems act as deterrents to bad guys: The goal of psychological deterrence is to convince potential criminals that their goals will be unsuccessful due to security defenses.

Surveillance systems can save money for your facility: The upfront cost of a surveillance system can be costly. However, the ROI, in the long run, cannot be disputed. For example, implementing a surveillance system is less expensive than hiring multiple full-time security officers

For facility managers, video surveillance systems have real benefits. They not only reduce theft and loss but also offer a variety of other unique and unexpected advantages. Please give Norris a shout at 800-370-3473 or drop them a line and get a free assessment and quote for a surveillance system at your organization today!


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