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We’ve often times posted Surveillance Videos of the Month in which we point out that the criminal element is caught in an unflattering position and might do things that don’t appear too well-thought out.

It is not often that cameras catch professionals misbehaving, but such was the case recently when a cable company field technician was caught on camera stealing a dog.

In news from the Verge, the whole incident was caught on the family’s security camera on the outside of their home. The footage clearly shows the tech nonchalantly exit his van, cross the street out of view into the family’s yard, then reappear a few seconds later running back to his van with the dog in his outstretched hands.

Thankfully, the victim, empowered by technology and her camera system and its footage, was able to contact the cableco directly, Tweet the whole thing out and tag the cableco at the same time.

She got justice within 24 hours when the head of the company’s security division returned her dog and assured her that the offender had been terminated.

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