In news from Fox News, airports around the globe are starting to employ new technologies to protect their assets from rogue drones.

The news story notes that sightings of unauthorized drones at London’s Gatwick Airport forced a 3-day shutdown which left thousands of frustrated travelers stranded and likely cost businesses countless hundreds of thousands if not millions in lost earnings.

The story also notes that while the FAA has said that it is planning to pass rules and regulations, critics say what is needed is action:

“All I’ve seen from the FAA is mostly ‘we’re gonna pass rules and regulations.’ Rules and regulations are not what we need,” Mike Boyd, president of the consulting firm Aviation Planning said in the Fox News Story. “We need to have the technology to be able to identify a drone and identify who is operating it.

Technology is exactly what has been deployed at about a dozen airports so far, as security firms race to fill the need for anti-drone technology:

“One such firm, Dedrone, uses rooftop sensors and radio frequencies to detect wayward drones in unauthorized airspace,” The story reads. “Its technology is currently in place at 12 airports, at a cost of about a million dollars a year.”

Well worth the cost to keep our skies safe.