Russian Prank Captures Funny Reactions On Video Surveillance

A recent video posted by a Russian Vlogger with a sense of humor captured funny reactions of building residents faced with a purported “upgrade” to their elevator.

The Vlogger mounted a large painted portrait of Russian President Vladimir Putin on the wall directly opposite the door so that it is all the riders see when they step onto the elevator.

Opinions on the long-reigning Russian President vary, with polls showing widespread support, even while numerous critics claim the president is more a dictator and that his more than 20-year rule has been the result of violence and fear.

Regardless of your political opinion, it is hard not to chuckle at some of the reactions of people who step onto their elevator and see the large portrait staring at them. Regardless of one’s own politics, one can imagine how a large portrait of US President Trump suddenly appearing in one’s elevator would polarize people and cause a wide variety of reactions.

Please enjoy Putin Elevator Portrait Gets A Rise Out Of Riders.

[WARNING]: Today’s video includes profanity.