A recent mass shooting north of the border has Canadian authorities discussing the correct way to safely and effectively implement guidelines for mass notification systems.

The discussions are covered in a May 3 story from the Calgary Sun, which notes that the mass shooting has left some criticizing the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and their response to the tragedy as it unfolded.

“Mounties in Nova Scotia are under scrutiny for not issuing an emergency alert as a gunman rampaged through rural communities,” the story reads. “But there’s nothing in the national RCMP handbook to suggest that they should have.”

The story goes on to note that in Canada, standards and codes that dictate such things are usually left to the discretion of individual Provinces.

“National RCMP spokeswoman Robin Percival said in an email that the force is looking at creating a Canada-wide policy,” the story notes. “But [Percival] said public alert protocols are generally set out by provincial emergency management authorities.

The Canadian mass-shooting claimed 22 lives as a gunman opened fire in residential communities in the Nova Scotia area.

“In the wake of the mass murder that claimed 22 lives in Nova Scotia about two weeks ago, the force is looking into developing a national operational policy for using the emergency alert system.”

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