Security Robots Used to Enforce Curfew, Help Prevent Spread of Covid-19

In a story from Arab News, live-video-enabled security robots are patrolling the streets of Tunisian capital Tunis to help enforce a curfew."The unmanned ground vehicles are called P-Guard and locally developed by Enova Robotics," the story reads. "They are being used by the Ministry of Interior to enforce its lockdown of Tunis."   The robots patrol the streets [...]

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Responsible Citizen, Installed Burglar Alarm Help Catch Would-Be Bad Guy

In recent news from Eureka, California ABC affiliate 7 KRCR News, an observant and civic-minded citizen called the police and notified them that something seemed fishy when an unknown man tried to enter her home and, unsuccessful, moved on to a neighbor's open garage. "The caller said an unknown male attempted to open her front door [...]

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Man Without Working Smoke Detectors Lucky To Be Alive After Blaze

In news from out of New Zealand, a recent blaze that had firefighters battling flames late into the night nearly claimed lives instead of just property.  According to the story, a man staying a vacation property/campsite called Old MacDonald's Farm was awakened by the "popping" sound of the fire consuming the cottage he was in. [...]

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Norris Inc Offers New HALO IoT Multi-Sensor with Vigilance Notification Platform

Vaping has become a real epidemic according to many sources. In this face of this growing problem for our schools, Norris is helping out. Norris Inc diversified it's detection and notification muscle this past year with the addition of a new offering, the HALO IoT Multi-Sensor, which is manufactured by the IPVideo Corporation. The device [...]

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Quick Thinking, Fire Alarm Saves Lives In Local Blaze

Quick Thinking, Fire Alarm Saves Lives In Local Blaze In news from local ABC News affiliate WMTW, an Augusta-area fire could have resulted in tragedy if not for the quick thinking of an apartment building tenant and an the building's installed fire alarm system. An early-morning fire at an apartment building in the Maine State [...]

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Minuteman Security Technologies Acquires Norris

Andover, Mass. — March 2, 2020: Minuteman Security Technologies, Inc. (“Minuteman”), a leading provider of enterprise security technology solutions, today announced that it has acquired systems integrator Norris Inc., of South Portland, Maine. With the acquisition of Norris, a well-established integrator with four locations in New England, Minuteman becomes the region’s largest independent full-service provider [...]

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Norris Employee Profile: Scott Lee

Norris has a real drive to hire the best and brightest. It's not only a goal but a passion. In order to most fully install, service and maintain cutting edge life-safety and security systems in Vermont, Norris has put in place a Green-Mountain-State-based team of experts that includes leaders in their fields, including Glenn Gurney, [...]

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Russian Prank Captures Funny Reactions On Video Surveillance

Russian Prank Captures Funny Reactions On Video Surveillance A recent video posted by a Russian Vlogger with a sense of humor captured funny reactions of building residents faced with a purported "upgrade" to their elevator. The Vlogger mounted a large painted portrait of Russian President Vladimir Putin on the wall directly opposite the door so that [...]

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DFW-Area Neighborhood Collecting and Storing Citizen Info Via Video Surveillance

A recent story from local Fox affiliate KDFW Fox 4 reports that deployed surveillance equipment in the Caballito Del Mar community in northwest Fort Worth is recording residents and visitors 24/7/365. What the signs don't say is that information collected--including vehicle registration information from License Plate Readers (LPR)--is being stored for police use for up to 30 days. [...]

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Norris Inc. Employee Profile: Allen Corey

Norris likes to hire the best folks around--People who are unparalleled in their fields and who like to give back.  Our departments are peopled with highly trained and technical employees who help keep our clients' systems and networks running smoothly. Today's employee spotlight is with one such person who excels at his job but also gives back in a [...]

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