Norris Inc Employee Profile: Brooks Thompson

Norris prides itself, not only on being life-safety and security experts but on attracting and holding onto some of the brightest, most talented and dedicated people around. Interested in joining the Norris Team? Check out some of the positions we have available. In an ongoing series of Employee Profiles, we've been highlighting our greatest assets--our [...]

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Outdated Access Control Systems Present Vulnerabilities

A recent white paper from access control credential provider HID (NOTE: requires registration with HID to download) discusses problems presented by outdated access control systems including weakened physical security at your enterprise. The white paper makes clear how important it is to begin to think of both physical access control and logical access control and how [...]

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Hundreds of antique cars, motorcycles destroyed in Pittsburgh fire

Norris is your one-stop-shop for all things life safety, security, emergency notification, and communications. We have technology and life-safety code experts on-staff waiting to help you design the most robust detection and notification systems out there. Our expertly designed and installed systems can become the mitigating factor between you and a loss. One warehouse facility [...]

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Norris Welcomes Spring With First Employee Cookout of the Season

Norris Inc. has been around for nearly 4 decades and during that time has learned a thing or two about attracting and holding on the best, most dedicated people around. Our people genuinely care about life safety and security and bring their all to their jobs to do their part to help keep people safe. [...]

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Norris Inc Employee Profile: Barney Boyle

Norris feels that it's people are the best around--dedicated to life safety and security and devoted to providing their customers with the absolute best experience. No one likes to think about having to make use of life-safety and security systems, but it's nice to know that the need arises, your systems were designed and installed [...]

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Japanese Holographic Security Guards

In high-tech security news, a collection of Japanese companies is bringing a holographic, "anime-style" security guard to market. The story from SobraNews24 says the Virtual Security Guard will be protecting home and offices in Japan with a focus on monitoring and surveillance: "The Virtual Security Guard is a multi-company project headed by Secom, Japan’s leading home and office security company, [...]

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Video Surveillance at schools, hospitals businesses on the rise

According to a recent story in Security Industry Publication Security Sales and Integration, most of those institutions surveyed found video surveillance a "popular" security measure.  The story notes that the National Center for Education Statistics study found that only 81% of K-12 campuses had cameras installed. That number is on the rise, however, according to the SSI story.Cameras are a valuable [...]

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Now more than ever, engineered life-safety and security are paramount

As 20th anniversary of the Columbine mass shooting looms, now more than ever, organizations, municipalities, and schools need to have their electronic life-safety and security systems in place and their emergency preparedness/response protocols practiced and ready to deploy. Recent reports of a teen infatuated with the Columbine massacre who traveled from her home in Miami to [...]

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Norris Co-Founder, Chairman of the Board Honored By ASIS Maine Chapter

Brad Norris and his brother Harty co-founded Norris Inc. nearly 40 years ago with the following mission: "Norris Inc. strives to help businesses and organizations create a safe environment by providing quality engineered systems for security, life safety, and communications along with unparalleled service and support." They built their company, hiring the best people around and always striving to [...]

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Municipal Camera Debate in Manchester, NH

Norris is your one-stop-shop for all things life safety and security. This includes cameras for safety, security and for creating an audit trail.  It's hard to argue against the value of cameras in public places to help deter crime, help keep citizens safe, and to help figure what happened should something untoward occur. However, there is [...]

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