Campus Safety Magazine Needs Campus Access Control Survey Volunteers

Campus Safety Magazine on July 18 announced that it was looking for campus Security Directors to volunteer to take their survey about campus access control systems.  The story notes the importance of access control, visitor management, and other electronic life-safety and security systems in mitigating problems at large campuses. "Many crimes, such as school shootings, emergency department violence, [...]

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Massachusetts man allegedly pulls fire alarms, assaults first responders

In news from, the city of Framingham, Mass recently experienced some false fire alarms that wasted firefighter time and endangered first responders and citizens alike when trucks rolled to the site of the "emergency." However, that waste of resources and public endangerment was not the worse the part. Apparently, a local man had caused the [...]

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Home damaged by fire lacks smoke alarms

In news from New York ABC affiliate 13 WHAM, a Gates, N.Y. home and neighboring houses were damaged by fire recently. It was found that the home where the fire started lacked working smoke alarms. Luckily, even with that lack, no one was injured in the blaze.  A local fire official summed up the concern: "Obviously, [...]

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The Rise of AI in Security, Safety, and Defense

Artificial Intelligence is more than just a buzz word. Its perfection has been enthusiastically pursued by researchers recently and its proposed applications have been far-reaching. One of the areas AI could be of immense value is in the areas of security and defense, from simple video analytics programs for things like people detection and line [...]

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The Importance of Combating False Alarms

Sandy Springs Georgia recently enacted what many consider a drastic false alarm policy for homes and businesses throughout the municipality. In news from the Marietta Daily Journal Online, after a year-long adjustment and preparation period, the city went live with its Verified Response policy that requires all alarm companies to "provide true, confirmed verification through audio, [...]

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Employee Profile with Paul Bennett

Norris likes to hire the best and hold onto them. Our employees become a part of the Norris family and today's Employee Spotlight showcases that principle perfectly. Today's employee profile is with Paul Bennett.  What's your title and included duties at Norris? Service Sales Manager.  Responsible for managing and assisting the service sales staff with sales, [...]

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New Security Technologies Employed To Keep Airports Safe

In news from Fox News, airports around the globe are starting to employ new technologies to protect their assets from rogue drones. The news story notes that sightings of unauthorized drones at London's Gatwick Airport forced a 3-day shutdown which left thousands of frustrated travelers stranded and likely cost businesses countless hundreds of thousands if not [...]

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Commercial Surveillance Footage Being Used In Armed Break-In Investigation

In news from News12Connecticut, an armed break-in at an area bakery was foiled by the quick thinking baker and now police are using onsite video surveillance footage to try and catch the bad guys. The armed break-in occurred at around 4:30 a.m. on Wednesday, June 19. The Baker and his assistant were onsite prepping for [...]

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Fire Alarm Failure

In recent news from ABC affiliate WJLA out of Washington DC, a small fire alarmed parents of elementary school students at Anne Beers Elementary when the fire alarm failed to activate during the minor emergency. On Monday, June 10, staff discovered a small kitchen fire and activated a nearby pull station. However, the activated device did [...]

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Employee Profile: Bob Swartz

Norris has some long-time employees in the fold. These are folks that started at Norris and quickly became part of the family. Hard-working people dedicated to doing a good job and making sure that our customers are getting the best in life-safety and security.  Some people do a little extra, too. Take, for example, Norris [...]

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