Mobile video surveillance on the rise, according to industry study

According to a recent story in security industry publication Security Sales & Integration (SSI) advancing technology coupled with the public's expectation of immediate gratification as prompted by such services as Netflix, Amazon, and GrubHub have to an era where people expect to be able pull out their smartphone and have instant access: "The truth is we are now [...]

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Are People Breaking Into Your Home For A Shower?

Following up on a recent blog entry, a jury recently convicted a man who broke into a stranger's home and took a shower of burglary among other crimes. According to a follow-up story in, jurors who listened to deliberation voted to convict the perpetrator who was found onsite in the homeowner's shower when authorities [...]

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Are unwelcomed presence and signs of forced entry enough for burglary conviction?

In a strange story out of Staten Island, NY, jurors were asked to decide if a man breaking into another's home, going through the homeowner's things, and then--oddly--taking a shower was enough evidence for a conviction of burglary. The story from does a nice job highlighting the defense attorney's attempts to paint the whole [...]

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Employee Profile: Cody Morin

Norris prides itself on hiring the best people around. We like to hire folks who are experts in their field, have a passion for their communities, their families and life safety and security. They make it their mission to serve the customer. Today’s Norris Employee Profile is no exception. Today’s Norris Employee Profile is with [...]

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Home-convenience and home-security convergence continues with unlikely pair up

In recent news from Android Headlines, the oft-talked about the convergence of home security with home automation and other home conveniences continues in a perhaps unexpected way. Security industry publications have talked about the convergence of security and automation for quite a while, noting that security may eventually become a bolt on to home automation [...]

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Employee Profile: Dillan Hayes

Norris prides itself on hiring the best people around. We like to hire folks who are experts in their field, have a passion for life safety and security and make it their mission to serve the customer. Today's Norris Employee Profile is no exception. Today's Norris Employee Profile is with Dillan Hayes. What's your title [...]

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Norris Surveillance Video of the Month

Norris oftentimes likes to show you collections of would-be criminals foiled by security measures (including guard dogs), including cameras, access control, and intrusion detection. Sometimes we show you odd footage or funny footage. And sometimes we show you a real hallelujah moment when people's lives flash before their eyes and yet by some miracle, everyone [...]

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County’s Emergency Alert System Helps Locate Missing 3-Year-Old

Emergency Alert System, Engaged Citizen Save Toddler What could have been a tragedy ended with tears of joy when a local of Navarro County, Texas citizen was engaged in his municipalities life-safety and security measures and heard an emergency alert via the county's emergency notification system. In news from ABC 25, the citizen was able [...]

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Norris proud to once again participate in Maine Hire-A-Vet Campaign

Once again, Norris is taking part in the annual Maine Hire-A-Vet campaign August 29th in Augusta. The annual event seeks "to help at least 100 employers recruit and hire at least 100 veterans and military family members over 100 days." Norris took part in the 2018 event, as well. Stats from the 2018 event can be seen here:Download [...]

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Beware of fly-by-night security outfits

Norris Incorporated has been around for decades, helping to protect lives and property and make everyone just a little bit safer. We've been protecting schools, businesses and municipalities and making everyone just a little bit safer. You can trust the Norris name and know that our systems integrators know their craft and our installation and [...]

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