Norris Inc’s New Year’s Resolution?

Save Customers Money With AES Network Norris Inc. likes to give back and to help out the community. Norris also likes to help protect lives and property with the best, engineered life-safety and security systems. We’ve also made a New Year’s Resolution to help our customers save money! In New Year’s Norris news, Northern New [...]

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Norris Top 5 News Stories of 2018

As 2018 draws to a close, it’s time to look back at all that happened. In general, 2018 was a big year for US news with stories like the death of Arizona Senator and two-time (2000 and 2008) presidential hopeful John McCain. Other top US news stories according to the Business Insider include the Parkland School Shooting, the Trump/Russia Probe, the [...]

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Surveillance Video of the Month

It’s the holiday season and you know what that means? Lots of people ordering lots of stuff for delivery from Amazon.  Unfortunately, that probably also means a spike in front-porch-package theft. According to a 2017 story from USA Today, more than half of all Americans say they know someone who has had a delivered package stolen [...]

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Video surveillance helps solve crimes

Norris knows the value of well-designed, professionally installed and maintained life-safety and security systems. Fire alarm systems are required and help to save lives and protect property. Intrusion detection and access control systems, while not legally required in most commercial settings are certainly a good idea.The same goes for video surveillance. Video allows you to gain [...]

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Employee Profile: Peter Reed

Norris Inc. Employee Profile: Peter Reed Norris Inc. prides itself on hiring the best people around.Norris has a nearly 40-year tradition of building a strong team that cares about country, community and giving of self to help others. In a continuing segment, Norris will take a look at the team members who make the Norris [...]

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Unlicensed fire alarm worker faces criminal charges related to fatal fire

In news from San Francisco Fox affiliateFox 2, a fire alarm technician who worked on the fire alarm in an apartment building that later suffered a fatal fire faces a criminal investigation.Further, the story reports, the alleged perpetrator may be ignoring cease and desist orders and continuing to work on fire alarm systems for a different [...]

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Safety On Campus Scores with a Slapshot to the Gunman

Safety On Campus Scores with a Slapshot to the Gunman Norris is always on the lookout for new and interesting stories from the world of life-safety and security. It's our job to keep you informed on best practices for corporate and campus security to help keep you, your personnel, students, and patrons safe and secure. [...]

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Shaker Village vandalism repair brings out community spirit

Shaker Village vandalism repair brings out community spirit Norris Chairman volunteers for work detail The town of New Gloucester Maine is home to the last living, working Shaker community, the Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village. The Shakers are a fascinating communal culture that believes in hard work and dedication to community. They believe in helping one another out. [...]

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Office Surveillance Cam catches faked injury for insurance fraud

Norris Surveillance Video of the Month Caught in the act! You know that Norris is your Northern New England single source for all things life safety and security. We want to help keep you and your people safe. Send us a request. We’ll gladly come out to your office, store, or campus, conduct a survey, and [...]

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Top 5 Reasons Your Business Should Have Video Surveillance

Top 5 Reasons Your Business Should Have Video Surveillance There are a number of compelling reasons to have a video surveillance in your organization. Norris has talked with you before about the importance of life-safety and security systems including fire , intrusion detection, access control, emergency notification and, of course, surveillance. The following 5 reasons to have a [...]

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