As we enter into a long holiday weekend, we put together an infographic to show some of the direct costs that result from receiving a driving under the influence charge and remind you that it is never, ever worth the risk to drive drunk. Please keep in mind that does not take into consideration indirect costs, such as finding alternate means of transportation, or the costs that come with vehicle and property damage, or injury, and loss of life.

Have a safe and happy Labor Day Weekend!

Disclaimer: Norris Inc. does not claim to have knowledge of the legal process surrounding a DUI charge and is not offering any legal advice. All of the information depicted is representational and meant strictly for educational purposes and should not be considered for any other purpose. Costs and legal proceedings will vary depending upon where the DUI charge is administered.
Additional information on the stats provided can be found at the following websites:
All cost information came from: The Addiction Center
Blood alchohol test information:
Jail fees and bail information:  NOLO
Attorney fee information:
Court fines information:
Court mandated counseling information: FindLaw
Insurance premium increase information: CoverHound
License reinstatement information: Department of Motor Vehicles
Ignition Interlock System: LifeGuard


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