According to a recent story in security industry publication Security Sales & Integration (SSI) advancing technology coupled with the public’s expectation of immediate gratification as prompted by such services as Netflix, Amazon, and GrubHub have to an era where people expect to be able pull out their smartphone and have instant access:

“The truth is we are now living in an on-demand world. Need a ride? Order an Uber. Hungry but don’t have any food in the house? Use GrubHub. Anything we want, we can have it almost instantly. These types of services have been made possible by rapid advancements in technology over the past decade. We rely on our mobile phones now more than ever before, and probably more than you would have ever imagined,” The story reads. “We’ve come a long way from the days of being stuck in a back room watching surveillance video on a fuzzy little monitor. The combination of cost-effectiveness, increased network bandwidth, as well as updated codecs and compression technology have made it possible to view HD video from anywhere in the world on mobile devices.”

All that being said, the experts at Norris know that a lot depends on device capability, network infrastructure, available bandwidth, and other considerations. Such variables oftentimes place restrictions on what can actually be accomplished.

One positive byproduct of the popularity and accessibility spike in video surveillance that the story talks about is the benefit to law enforcement as more footage from more cameras is being shared to help prevent and solve crimes.

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What is Norris all about?

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