Norris is always on the lookout for solid employees, good people who excel at their jobs and have a passion for life-safety and security and keeping people safe.

Our dedicated life-safety and security pros are there for you to assess any situation, design the best system for your needs, install the system in a professional and-up-to-standards-and-codes manner, train you in proper system use and then keep your systems running with unparalleled service and maintenance.

Today’s employee spotlight focuses on one of Norris’ top-notch, long-time field techs, Wade Morin.

NI: What’s your title and included duties at Norris?
WM: Field technician. I primarily do service calls (troubleshooting) and commissioning of new systems, primarily fire alarm.

NI: How long have you been at Norris?

WM: Roughly ten years with a brief intermission.

NI: What different positions have you held at Norris?
WM: I started doing primarily fire alarm inspections and progressed to a field technician. I have also performed on the job training, both in a field and a classroom setting.  

NI: How has your tenure at Norris prepared you to be successful in life?
WM: It has taught me to be flexible as our schedules are constantly changing. It has also taught me to think outside the box, both in a professional and a personal environment.

NI: What do you love most about your job?
WM: Something different on most days. You never know what you may be walking into on any given service call. I also like the majority of my coworkers. There’s always one or two.

NI: What frustrates you about your job?
WM: People not taking accountability or responsibilities for their actions or lack thereof. And there’s always those late calls where you’re stuck on a job when you’d much rather be home.

NI: Were you/are you a first responder or military?
WM: Negative. I was told that Call of Duty on PS4 does not count.

NI: Are you married?
WM: Very happily for 11+ years.

NI: Have any children?

WM: Nope. Just two cats who we treat like our children.

NI: What lessons have you learned through your duties at Norris that you’d like to pass on to others?
WM: There is always more to the picture than meets the eye.

NI: Can you talk about one personal goal you have for 2020?
WM: A new house with some land and some privacy.

NI: Can you talk about one professional goal you have for 2020?

WM: Every year that I am not fired is a goal met for that year.

NI: What do you enjoy doing in your spare/free time?
WM: Spending time with my wife, hiking, playing music (primarily guitar and piano)

NI: Anything else I haven’t asked about that people should know?
WM: I have the solution to solving most of the world’s petty problems. Be kind and respectful to one another. Do the right thing and mind your own business. If you don’t like the music, don’t listen. If you don’t like the movie, don’t watch it. If you don’t like the book, don’t read it. And so it goes.