In the news from the Butler Eagle, located in Butler County Pennsylvania, two would-be thieves were foiled in their burglary of a local convenience store. When the would-be thieves tripped a burglar alarm breaking in to steal a safe that contained $6,000.

“A burglar alarm just before 6:30 a.m. alerted officers, who spotted the suspected crooks driving away in the getaway car,” the story reads. “At a dead end, they got out and ran, police said, but both were nabbed.” According to the story, police also apprehended a dog that was with the two male perps and fled from the vehicle.

Luckily for this local business owner, he had a monitored burglar alarm that alerted authorities to the infraction in progress. We’ve written about the importance of monitored burglar alarm systems before, and this story adds more proof.

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The two burglars were taken downtown, processed, and held on bail, according to the story.

“The defendants … are in the Butler County Prison on $25,000 bond each,” the story reads. “Both are facing a list of charges, including several felonies.”

A life of crime does not pay!

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