Norris Employee Profile: Scott Lee

Norris has a real drive to hire the best and brightest. It's not only a goal but a passion. In order to most fully install, service and maintain cutting edge life-safety and security systems in Vermont, Norris has put in place a Green-Mountain-State-based team of experts that includes leaders in their fields, including Glenn Gurney, [...]

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Russian Prank Captures Funny Reactions On Video Surveillance

Russian Prank Captures Funny Reactions On Video Surveillance A recent video posted by a Russian Vlogger with a sense of humor captured funny reactions of building residents faced with a purported "upgrade" to their elevator. The Vlogger mounted a large painted portrait of Russian President Vladimir Putin on the wall directly opposite the door so that [...]

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DFW-Area Neighborhood Collecting and Storing Citizen Info Via Video Surveillance

A recent story from local Fox affiliate KDFW Fox 4 reports that deployed surveillance equipment in the Caballito Del Mar community in northwest Fort Worth is recording residents and visitors 24/7/365. What the signs don't say is that information collected--including vehicle registration information from License Plate Readers (LPR)--is being stored for police use for up to 30 days. [...]

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Norris Inc. Employee Profile: Allen Corey

Norris likes to hire the best folks around--People who are unparalleled in their fields and who like to give back.  Our departments are peopled with highly trained and technical employees who help keep our clients' systems and networks running smoothly. Today's employee spotlight is with one such person who excels at his job but also gives back in a [...]

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Ohio Municipality Considers Video Surveillance System Registration To Help Police

Following up on a recent post on, an Ohio town is considering starting a voluntary registry for citizens to register their video surveillance systems and video doorbells with police to create a force-multiplier for investigators after a crime. The story from says that North Olmstead, Ohio officials are looking to help police do [...]

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Greek Company Employs Video, Other Measures To Crack Down On Employee Theft

In recent news out of the Medetaranian, a Greek company that suspected one of its employees of embezzling money employed data retrieval and also employed video monitoring in the workplace to try and curtail the suspected illegal activity. As it turns out they were right, as seen in the excerpt from the story below: "The [...]

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Norris Surveillance Video of the Month: Tornado Destruction

Here in the Northeast, we do not worry about tornado's much. Snow, ice, power outages, occasionally earthquakes, sure, but not tornados.  Some recent footage out of Columbia Mississippi shows the quick destruction a tornado can drop on a populated area.  Norris knows how important it is to be prepared and have integrated life-safety and also mass [...]

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Norris Expands AES Mesh Network In 2019 To Save Customers Money

AES is privately held and more than 40 years old. It originally developed security products specifically for the Government market and then created a solution to send alarm signals in areas around the world that did not have phone lines or internet service.Today AES still provides security solutions to government facilities and embassies around the [...]

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Mysterious Fire at Popular Pacific Northwest Eatery Preceded by Burglar Alarm Activation

In news from Portland Tribune property The Outlook, an early morning fire at a popular eatery and watering hole not only resulted in a near-total loss but was also preceded by a burglar alarm activation and a drive-by by sheriffs.  Investigators are still trying to figure out what caused the fire and are not saying whether the [...]

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Winter Confounds Would-Be Bad Guy, First Responders Make Arrest

Every once in a while, nature collaborates with someone's poor decisions to confound a would-be bad guy and deliver some icy-slick karma.  Such was the case recently in Seattle when a burglar was confounded by icy ground and got a jolting dose of comeuppance! According to the Seattle Fox affiliate Q13, a burglar was in the midst [...]

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