Norris Honored With 2019 Diamond Award At Annual Notifier Regional Celebration Night

Norris Inc. on Wednesday, October 9, 2019, was honored with the Diamond Award at Fire Alarm Manufacturer Notifier's annual Regional Celebration Night. The evening was an opportunity for Notifier to recognize successful partnerships but was served another important purpose according to Norris Chief Sales Officer, Peter Reed, who noted that networking made the fun event [...]

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Fire Chief Hopes to Stem Increase In Nuisance Fire Alarms With Steep Fines

A fire chief in Sault Ste. Marie, a small city in Ontario Canada with a US-twin across the Saint Mary's River in Michigan, has taken what some consider a drastic step and is instituting steep fines against repeat offenders for nuisance fire alarm activations. According to a news story at, Chief Peter Johnson plans to levy [...]

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Surveillance Video of the Month

Norris Inc life-safety and security experts know how to help keep you, your visitors, customers, students and guests safe. Drop us a line and see how we can help. We integrate many different solutions into comprehensive systems that work together to mitigate against loss and to create an audit trail. A large part of that [...]

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Norris Inc. Employee Profile: Doug Driesen

Norris Inc. has made it a priority to build a team that is like a family. We work very hard to hire the best folks around. We look for people who are or were first responders or military, people who are experts in their field, people who love to give back to their community and revel [...]

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Hacked Hotel Robots Cause Concern

As the future unfolds day-by-day, we've all become more accustomed to technology infiltrating our lives. We all accept as commonplace, computers in our pockets (phones), computers in our cars, computers on our desks, etc. A hotel in Japan has run into some trouble with a line customer-facing convenience robots that unfortunately had a security flaw. [...]

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Recent rise of surveillance helps officers fight crime

In news out of Jacksonville Illinois, the ongoing increase in residential and business video surveillance has been a boon to police officers in the area. The Jacksonville Journal-Courier reported that police have been lauding the increase and encouraging homeowners and businesses to register their systems and agree to share footage with investigators if needed. ”The placement [...]

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Checking in with Norris Technology Scholarship Winner

In 2018, Norris Inc. launched its inaugural Technology Scholarship by awarding two Maine high school seniors with a $1,000 cash award based on scholastic merit as well as planned areas of study.  Applying students were asked to write an essay describing why they should be the recipient. The scholarships were awarded to Josh Libby of [...]

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Norris Deploys Large-Scale, First-of-its-Kind IP-Based Paging/Intercom and Video System in Vermont

Norris recently pulled out all the IP stops and helped modernize life-safety, security, and communications at Mount Abraham Unified School District in Bristol, Vermont. The project was lead by Norris Systems Integrator Dame Diette and shepherded on the school district side by Facilities Director Joel Fitzgerald. The large, integrated IP system, was completed October 1, consists of a [...]

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Norris Surveillance Video of the Month

In recent news from the New York Times, there's an increasing menace breaking into New York businesses lately. The story fro the NYT details a brazen broad-daylight break-in through a salon window.  According to the report, the perp--a rather large male deer, known as a buck--is still at large after wandering into the populated area [...]

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Home surveillance footage shows invasion, theft, surprising perp

In news out of Romulus, Michigan, a couple vacationing in Florida were alerted by their home surveillance system that their home was being broken into. The story from the News-Herald notes that the couple was able to watch as 3 male teens entered and exited the home carrying items out as the left.  It is perhaps not [...]

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