We know it doesn’t sound very tempting but believe us, they are delicious!

Our installers and technicians are constantly pulling the old cable out of buildings or cutting off the excess cable that was pulled through the walls. Norris Inc. has always encouraged its employees to recycle and some were very good about it while others not so much.

As the value of scrap copper and metals began to rise, one of our employees came up with a great idea. Why not encourage our people to recycle by putting the proceeds towards a pool of money that would allow them to have afternoon cookouts or morning breakfast meetings. In a matter of no time the account had thousands of dollars in it and now we have regular cookouts and breakfast meetings.

So if you turn the corner to our building around noon time and see smoke rising, it’s not a fire but instead, it’s Bob, our Materials Handling Manager, a former chef and bake shop owner cooking up a storm for the crew and it was all paid for by recycling.

And by the way, please join us when you see the smoke signals!

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