In recent news from ABC affiliate WJLA out of Washington DC, a small fire alarmed parents of elementary school students at Anne Beers Elementary when the fire alarm failed to activate during the minor emergency. 
On Monday, June 10, staff discovered a small kitchen fire and activated a nearby pull station. However, the activated device did not enunciate throughout the entire campus like it was supposed to and people inside the school were forced to rely on word of mouth to get the word out that there was an alarm and an actual fire and that everyone needed to evacuate immediately.

This race against time worried parents of students at the school, one parent noting:

“I found out that even though the alarm went off, it only went off in sections of the campus. And so the entire campus was not alerted by the alarms, so they had to rely on word of mouth,” one parent of two stated, “And if you’re relying on word of mouth, that kind of puts you in a race to get the message out before a potential catastrophe happens.”

According to the US Fire Administration, around 30% of all non-residential fires start in the kitchen and/or are cooking related.

Luckily no one was hurt during this fire alarm malfunction and all students, faculty and staff were evacuated.

The fire was caused by a motor on a walk-in freezer.

An investigation found that the fire alarm did not perform as expected because an electrical switch that connected the horn strobes in various parts of the building was in the “off” position.

The story notes that the fire suppression system (sprinklers) at the school is tested annually, but there is no mention of the fire alarm itself being tested.

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