Norris Incorporated has been around for decades, helping to protect lives and property and make everyone just a little bit safer. We’ve been protecting schools, businesses and municipalities and making everyone just a little bit safer.

You can trust the Norris name and know that our systems integrators know their craft and our installation and service and maintenance technicians know their stuff.

But such is not always the case with everyone.

news story from ABC News affiliate KSPR notes that a Springfield Missouri security company was not nearly as dependable nor reputable.
The story highlights the problems faced by a local man who just wanted to protect his home and family with smoke/carbon monoxide/fire protection.
The man in the story “was told each alarm has a specific function. He bought two carbon monoxide alarms, two smoke alarms and two heat alarms,” the story says, ‘They’re supposed to change your batteries out every year. If something goes wrong with them they’re supposed to come over and fix them or replace them. If you move, you’re not allowed to move them. They have to come over and move them for you.’.

He bought six alarms for $3,240. He’s still making auto payments. He’ll end up paying hundreds of dollars in interest.”

The man had no luck getting anyone from the company to call him back when he began to doubt the alarms even worked. The ABC investigative reporter did finally manage to contact the manufacturer of the devices who said that if the detectors did not perform as designed, the customer could get new ones free of charge.

Further investigation revealed that the company had filed for bankruptcy and gone out of business.

The lesson here is that while the instinct to install comprehensive fire, smoke, carbon monoxide, heat detection is a good one, one can not just assume that all service providers are of the same caliber.

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What is Norris all about?

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