Norris Inc. Employee Profile: Peter Reed

Norris Inc. prides itself on hiring the best people around.Norris has a nearly 40-year tradition of building a strong team that cares about country, community and giving of self to help others. In a continuing segment, Norris will take a look at the team members who make the Norris Difference!

Today’s Profile interview is with Chief Sales Officer, Peter Reed.

What’s your title and job description at Norris?

My title is Chief Sales Officer (CSO). I’m responsible for providing leadership for the successful operation of the Norris Inc. Sales Team, including components of business development, training and mentoring, and customer relations.

How long have you been in the industry?

I’ve been in the security industry Since 1990 – 28 years.

How long have you been at Norris?

16 years.

What is the part of your job that you most enjoy/are most excited about, currently?

Getting out from behind the desk and working/interacting with prospects & clients.

What is the part of your job that you least enjoy/are least excited about, currently?
Getting stuck behind the desk doing administrative tasks.

You have children, right?

Yes, a son Sam (24) and a daughter Maggie (21).

Have they ever expressed an interest in following in your footsteps and learning about the security industry?

Not directly. Sam has begun his career in financial analytics and Maggie is majoring in computer science. Maybe she’ll develop an interest in cybersecurity?

What is something you’ve learned through your work at Norris that you feel is important to pass on to your children?

It’s often more effective to listen than to talk. But that’s not an easy skill to develop if you’re used to taking charge!

How about something important you’ve learned that you’d like to pass on to your team?

Same as above.

What is a personal goal you hope to achieve in the next year?

Get my golf handicap down to a 12.

What is a professional goal you hope to achieve in the next year?

See our Norris Inc sales team eclipse its 2019 budget—by November!

Like many Norris employees, you feel a strong need to give back and volunteer. Can you describe some of your community-focused efforts and how they help your community? 

My wife, Laurie, and I actively participate in our local Cumberland Food Pantryand Cumberland Wood Bank (heating and fuel assistance program). We also volunteer at the Preble Street Soup Kitchen in Portland a few Sundays throughout the year.

How do those same efforts help you?

I’ve been blessed with good health, a loving family and great opportunity here at Norris. Sharing some of my time and good fortune in support of our neighbors in need is very important to me.


What is Norris all about?
Norris, Inc.—a South Portland, Maine-based life-safety and security systems integrator with satellite offices in Bangor, Maine; Lee, New Hampshire; and Burlington, Vermont—was founded nearly 40 years ago by two brothers, Brad and Harty Norris. The brothers remain on the board of directors today and continue to help steer the enterprise toward its goal of advancing life-safety, security, and communications while striving to grow in its status as Northern New England’s leading systems integrator. Norris provides fully integrated life-safety and security solutions, comprising disparate systems including fire alarm, intrusion detection, access control, video surveillance, emergency notification, and communications.