A recent story from local Fox affiliate KDFW Fox 4 reports that deployed surveillance equipment in the Caballito Del Mar community in northwest Fort Worth is recording residents and visitors 24/7/365. What the signs don’t say is that information collected–including vehicle registration information from License Plate Readers (LPR)–is being stored for police use for up to 30 days.

“The neighborhood began using the video system six months ago. Its motion detectors not only capture the license plate numbers of vehicles but also stores the information on a cloud-based server for 30 days.”

The story notes that the system–along with the signs informing people that the surveillance was taking place–was deployed to try and deter crime.

“‘We haven’t had one car broken into, not one since we’ve put in the cameras,’ a Fort Worth Police official said in the story.

Local police say that other communities are considering deploying similar solutions. 

Despite obvious privacy concerns, neighborhood association officials noted that no residents had opted out of having their information from their cars recorded and stored, despite to option to do so.

“‘We can set the system to where it will delete your vehicle. But, the downside to that is if your vehicle is stolen or whatever, the camera will automatically delete your car as it leaves the community, so we don’t have any way of tracking your automobile,'” the official said.

The life-safety and security experts at Norris know that there is often a zero-sum game between convenience and security, between privacy and public safety. What are your thoughts on such public-facing security measures? Are the compromises to privacy (the police can know when I go out and when I come back home) worth the added security to a neighborhood (Police will instantly know if a stolen vehicle or a vehicle registered to someone who is wanted enters the neighborhood)?

Regardless of which side of the debate you fall on, the highly-trained life-safety and security experts at Norris are happy to talk with you about your security needs. Drop us a line today and get a free consultation and estimate. When it comes to keeping your employees, customers, visitors, students, visitors safer, don’t hesitate!

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