In recent news from Eureka, California ABC affiliate 7 KRCR News, an observant and civic-minded citizen called the police and notified them that something seemed fishy when an unknown man tried to enter her home and, unsuccessful, moved on to a neighbor’s open garage.

“The caller said an unknown male attempted to open her front door and was last seen in her neighbor’s garage around 9 a.m.,” the Eureka Police Dept. said in the story.

The story notes that police, responding to the concerned woman’s call, were already on-site when the burglar alarm went off at the neighbor’s house where the perp was skulking around in the garage.

“When officers arrived on scene they say they found a broken window to the neighbor’s residence. When police were setting up a perimeter, a burglar alarm was activated inside the home, according to the EPD,” the story reads. “Officers then heard glass break and saw [the suspect] fleeing from the back of the home into a greenbelt where he was taken into custody without incident, according to the EPD.”

Of course, readers of the Norris Blog will remember that just breaking into someone’s home and being an unwanted presence might not be enough to convict the suspect of the crime of burglary.

Nonetheless, police still arrested the man, 32-year-old Christopher Blount, on three counts of burglary, resisting arrest and for violating probation.

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