A sad May 25 story from the Miami Herald spotlights a situation in which a nearby surveillance system captured peripheral footage of a local woman’s attempt at murder. The damning footage was captured unbeknownst to the perpetrator and will certainly help to deliver her to justice.

 The woman is seen on the found footage leading her 9-year-old special needs son down a canal pathway and then, looking around to make sure there was no one around, pushing him into the water and then running away, leaving him to drown. 

The footage also shows her returning less than a minute later with a bystander who saw the boy in the water and rushed to pull the child out and save him. So the footage is actually of the mother’s first, unsuccessful attempt to kill her son and is the reason for the attempted murder charge she faces in addition to the first-degree murder charge.  

“The video, apparently taken from a nearby condo complex, will be key evidence against [her] as she awaits trial for first-degree murder and attempted murder,” the story reads, noting that she remains in a Miami-Dade jail.

It is likely the footage was obtained via an MOU–Memorandum of Understanding–between authorities and the condo complex. Such agreements allow law enforcement agencies to ask video-endowed businesses and homeowners local to a crime to share their footage in the hopes of finding clues. Such use of MOUs has been common for a number of years.

Sadly, even after the boy was saved by the Good-Samaritan bystander, the mother brought her autistic son to another canal and pushed the boy in again. This time he drowned, according to the story.

“Authorities say the shove [captured on video] was [the mother’s] first, but thwarted, attempt to kill [her son] Thursday evening,” the story notes. “About an hour later, with no bystanders to rescue him, the boy was led into another canal, where he ultimately died.”

The woman, unaware at the time, originally told police investigating the drowning of her son that the boy was kidnapped by two black men who must have killed her son. The racist lie has caused some outrage, as highlighted in a story from NewsOne. Thankfully no arrests were made as a result of her racist scapegoat attempt.

“Amazingly, no innocent people were rounded up as suspects in this case, but her lie certainly jeopardized the safety of Black men in Miami-Dae County,” the NewsOne story says. 

We at Norris are glad that life-safety and security measures nearby were able to function properly and provide some very important and damning evidence against this murderer. However, we saddened that, in this case, the systems in place could not have prevented the loss.

If you’re wondering how to add video surveillance to improve the safety and security of your people, please give the highly trained experts at Norris a call. We’ll work hard to help keep your customers, employees, and kids safer.

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