Norris prides itself on hiring the best people around. We like to hire folks who are experts in their field, have a passion for their communities, their families, and life safety and security. They make it their mission to serve the customer.

Today’s Norris Employee Profile is no exception.

Today’s Norris Employee Profile is with Vermont Systems Integrator Dame Diette (LinkedIn).

Dame Diette

NI: What’s your title and included duties at Norris?

DD: I am the system integrator and sales representative for Norris here in Vermont.  I am responsible for all sales & estimates in this state. I have clients such as Vail, (Okemo, Stowe) the federal government, municipal governments, hospitals, as well as several school districts and commercial and manufacturing. In addition to those end-user type clients,  we also do a substantial amount of business subcontracting commercial fire alarm systems to electrical contractors for both new construction and renovations/additions for government, industrial and commercial projects.

NI: Sounds like you’re busy! 

DD: Yes, Day-to-day I am responsible for all sales efforts, designing and quoting commercial fire alarm & network-based security & paging/intercom systems for end-user clients, or am bidding projects based on engineering specifications and drawings of  RFP projects to electrical contractors throughout Vermont.

NI: So has Norris’ presence in Vermont increased recently?

DD: The company has been highly established in Maine and NH for decades, however here in Vermont prior to my coming on board, besides a few accounts, Norris was still relatively unknown. Upon starting with Norris, while simultaneously learning all of our major commercial fire alarm, surveillance, PA/Intercom, and access control lines, I also implemented a successful sales prospecting and business development plan to increase our brand awareness and market share here in Vermont, ultimately achieving over 80% sales growth here in my first 12 months, which we have continually exceeded annually since then.

NI: And how long have you been at Norris?

DD: Since 2017.

NI: What life experiences have you had that have made you successful at Norris?

DD: I have been a self-starter and involved with independent outside sales efforts since elementary school. I started my first business while in junior high school. I have worked for various companies in sales roles, including covering most of Vermont fire departments for a local distributor of MSA Fire, a company founded in part by Thomas Edison which is one of the largest firefighting equipment and technology companies in the US. I have reflected on many past experiences and successes, that have allowed me to have the right perspective to persevere and succeed at Norris, Inc.

NI: What do you love most about your job?

DD: The incredible amount of support & subsequent mentoring Chief Sales Officer Peter Reed has been able to provide due to his decades of sales experience in this business, has been remarkable. The challenge of both constantly keeping up with the evolving technology impacting this sector and maintaining adequate sales prospecting efforts, all the while providing safety & security to thousands of people each day at our various client’s facilities is very rewarding. Also, working alongside a great team of experienced technical and installation professionals, including our VT Operations manager Glenn Gurney, who has been a tremendous resource here with a wealth of knowledge and insight, has directly contributed to our success in Vermont over these past few years.

NI: Were you/are you a first responder or military?

DD: I initially became an EMT & firefighter in Windsor County in the late 90’s while in high school. I have served as a Firefighter/EMT in Colchester, VT on Malletts Bay FD for several years, and I am currently a Firefighter in Highgate, VT where I reside.

Dame Diette with fire crew

NI: Are you married? Have any children?

DD: My fiancée’ Alicia and I have a brand new home in Highgate with our daughters Lily & Emma.

NI: What do you enjoy doing in your spare/free time?

DD: Traveling to the Outer Banks of the Carolinas, the beaches of Maine in the summer, as well as the Gulf Coast of Florida in the winter. Here in Vermont: Exploring and riding the fields, woods & mountains on my ATV, and skiing in the winter.

What is Norris all about?

Norris, Inc.—a Saco, Maine-based life-safety and security systems integrator with satellite offices in Bangor, Maine; Lee, New Hampshire; and Burlington, Vermont—was founded nearly 40 years ago by two brothers, Brad and Harty Norris.

On February 28, 2020 Norris Inc was acquired by Minuteman Security Technologies Inc.  Minuteman Security Technologies Inc. (Minuteman), headquartered in Andover, Massachusetts and founded in 1998, is a leading provider of enterprise security technology solutions. Minuteman security systems are used by a wide range of organizations throughout the United States. Customers include law enforcement, energy companies, mass transit, large retail chains, academic institutions, public safety agencies, and community hospitals with regional offices from Maine to Illinois.