In a feel-good story from the Kenosha News out of Wisconsin, a local girl, Addylin Holland, is being lauded as a hero after her quick thinking likely saved lives during a recent fire.

The story notes that the Addy, the granddaughter of a local firefighter, acted quickly and notified her father, Jason, who confirmed the flames. Once the fire was confirmed, Addy sprang into action.

“Holland thinks his quick-thinking daughter may have saved lives in the building, which has many elderly residents. ‘Before I knew it Addy was out in the hallway knocking on doors to get people out and then she ran across and asked people to call 911,’” he said.

The girl notes that she was a little afraid of the fire, but persevered nonetheless to help alert her neighbors to the danger.

“Addilyn said she learned about fire safety from her grandfather, who was a firefighter;” the story notes. “Asked if she was scared when she was trying to alert residents she said ‘a little.'”

Fire officials say the girl’s quick actions had a positive impact.

“Christopher Hannes, battalion chief with the Kenosha Fire Department, said there were smoke alarms in the building, but it is likely that Addilyn smelled the smoke and alerted her father before the alarms went off,” the story says. “Hannes said most residents were already out when the fire department arrived.”

One resident said that everyone owed their safety to the brave young girl.

“‘It was all thanks to a little girl,’: the resident said.

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