Employee Spotlight: Wade Morin

Norris is always on the lookout for solid employees, good people who excel at their jobs and have a passion for life-safety and security and keeping people safe.Our dedicated life-safety and security pros are there for you to assess any situation, design the best system for your needs, install the system in a professional and-up-to-standards-and-codes [...]

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North Dakota Town Begins Surveillance System Registration Program to Help Solve Crime

In news from the Dickinson Press, the Dickinson ND Police Department has launched what it is calling a SCRAM (Surveillance Camera Registration and Mapping) program. PD officials feel the program will help the PD to solve crimes with the voluntary help of those security-conscious homes and businesses with registered and mapped cameras in place. The story [...]

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Norris Top 5 News Stories of 2019

It has been an exciting year for Norris Inc; a year full of advanced technology, first-time technological deployments, major growth, and recognition for hard work, well-done. In keeping with the tradition established with our 2018 Top 5, we'd like to close out the 2019 News Cycle with a look back at the Top 5 News [...]

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Package Thieves Beware! Glitter Bomb 2.0

The pros at Norris, being life-safety and security experts, love anything that helps to keep people safe and cuts down on crime and loss.  Almost exactly a year ago, we brought you a lighthearted, but heavily-scienced look at one man's efforts to fight rampant package theft when we covered the original anti-porch-pirate glitter-bomb exploits of [...]

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‘Hot Sauce Burglar’ gets away with $100,000+, causing criticism of first responders

In news from local Fox affiliate Q13 out of Greater Seattle, a recent brazen burglary has the victim a little hot under the collar.  A nighttime burglary at a Seattle car dealership, Wild West Cars and Trucks owned by the Lindquist family of Seattle, saw the perpetrator get away with items totaling over $100,000. "The burglar broke [...]

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Norris Inc hosts iOS2 Mobile Showroom event and employee cookout with Assa Abloy

Norris Incorporated on October 4th played host to Assa Abloy's traveling iOS2 Mobile Showroom. Assa's Integrated Solutions Specialist for Assa Bloy Door Security Solutions us, Chris Masse said the event rolls out to partner sites to let customers know the importance of Integrated Solutions. "We bring our mobile showroom around the country to our security [...]

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Norris Surveillance Video of the Month

Today's Surveillance Video of the Month depicts something that would-be bad guys should always remember: never take your eyes off your hostage - especially if they're wearing a cowboy hat! The would-be gunman was in the process of sticking up a local market when an unaware customer approaching from behind distracted him. He took his [...]

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A dramatic uptick in public-facing surveillance coming: 30 Billion cameras watching

A recent story from the Wall Street Journal (requires membership to read full article) reports that a dramatic uptick in public-facing surveillance cameras watching us all Is on the way. The story notes that improvements in technology will lead to better facial recognition and the attendant ability to find anyone anywhere (watch WSJ's embedded video). The [...]

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Employee Profile with Dale Moreau

Norris prides itself on working with the top professionals, experts in their field. Today's Employee profile focuses on one such individual, Dale Moreau. NI: What's your title and included duties at Norris? DM: My business card says “Systems Integrator." My job, as I see it, is to work with customers and their design teams to [...]

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Amazon Ring’s continuing partnerships with law enforcement raise concerns for some

In recent news from CPO Magazine, expanding partnerships between Amazon's Ring Video Doorbell and various Police organizations are raising an alarm among some. The story notes that of primary concern is the fact that most police departments have no limitations in place governing with whom or how they share video footage they have received from [...]

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